Yay Monday
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I couldn’t sleep so I figured it was a good opportunity to do a new Sailor Moon redraw! The Moon Stick was always my favorite weapon. :3 ((Probably because I have one.))
Screencap from this gif.

Her stuff is utterly adorable! <3

I had this way back in my December 2013 folder so I decided to finish it. Dream Team is one of the best games I’ve ever played, everyone should play it >v</




I love this cute little doodle. Seeing Usagi holding a GameBoy reminds me just how far we’ve come technologically in such a short time! Anyways, this was so fun to color! <3

Hey guys.
This coloring Katy did got stolen, had its watermark removed and has a lot more notes than this.
So if you see this coloring without Katy’s url watermark, DO NOT REBLOG THAT. REBLOG THIS INSTEAD.
Thank you.

Reblogging because stolen art is not cool

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s reblogged this post after it got stolen, because it really means a lot to me. This post had about 300 notes while the stolen post (the last time I checked) had close to 3,000, which was pretty hurtful. I don’t post my colorings for popularity, but the fact that the version that had my watermarked chopped off and was being passed off as someone else’s had so many more notes really sucked.
I’ve long gotten over my initial upset because there are many more things to worry about in life than a stolen post, but I still really appreciate the fact that 700+ people care enough about my original post getting credit to reblog it! Reposting sucks, but at least most people think it’s uncool.